M&M Sales & Equipment goes beyond tools and supplies to offer full-service solutions for your biggest operational challenges.

Process Evaluation and Cutting Tool Selection

M&M Sales & Equipment experts audit your manufacturing processes, identify inefficiencies and areas of waste, and then develop solutions to streamline your operations for savings. We can also help you with tool selection to spec out the right tools and supplies that will minimize scrap rate and reduce excessive wear on your machines.

Case Study: PMR Global saves time with tooling recommendations from M&M Sales & Equipment

Tool Reconditioning

Revive existing tooling with reconditioning and re-sharpening services available through M&M Sales & Equipment. This cost-efficient service restores tooling to its original factory quality, condition, coating and performance. Contact us for assistance in reconditioning tooling such as:

  • Drills
  • Step drills
  • Carbide end mills
  • Annular cutters
  • Reamers and more
  • Inserted drills
  • Spade drills
  • Tool holders
  • Inserted milling cutters

Tool Package

When you purchase a new machine tool package through our program, we will provide access to the parts, supplies and resources you need for optimum performance. Your M&M Sales & Equipment representative can create a customized tool package based on parts and drawings from the start. You’re not locked into a program that doesn’t work for you and you can prepay for a general package that best suits your needs. Benefits include:

  • You’re not locked into a single manufacturer’s tooling (ex: tooling certificates).
  • You may redeem tooling at actual discounted pricing, not the “list price.”
  • Tooling is properly spec’d by our team and trusted supplier partners.
  • Tool package credits are good for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Tool packages can be increased once within 60 days of receiving new machine (up to 2X).

Vending & Inventory Control Solutions

M&M Sales & Equipment can help you reduce unnecessary inventory costs, boost productivity and increase visibility into your company’s inventory usage. We offer vending machines to meet your every need, including locker machines, coil machines or combination units that help you:

  • Track usage with check-in/check-out capability
  • Trigger replenishment and automate inventory control
  • Lower carrying costs
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Generate reports to reduce unnecessary spend
  • Improve employee productivity and accountability
  • Improve safety and compliance
  • Improve organization of tools and supplies

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