Get Inventory Control with Industrial Vending Solutions from M&M

Customers that use vending have experienced up to 30% reduction in inventory consumption.

If you are struggling to maintain control of your inventory, M&M Sales & Equipment can help. You can’t afford to rely on outdated or ineffective inventory control methods, which result in lost production due to missing inventory or excess inventory collecting dust on warehouse shelves.

That’s why we are excited to offer industrial vending solutions that are plug-and-play and simple to use.

While vending machines were once used only for snacks and sodas, today companies can vend a variety of items including personal protective equipment, cutting tools, cutting tool accessories, abrasives and more.

Track usage, trigger replenishment and access detailed usage reports to make more informed operational decisions, reduce spending and cut waste.

Add a vending machine and:

  • Lower carrying costs – Achieve the visibility and precise inventory control required for lean manufacturing and eliminate the need for expensive stockroom personnel.
  • Reduce shrinkage – Increase accountability by tracking employee usage and limiting quantities. Check high-value returnable items in and out.
  • Automate inventory control – Utilize alerts, reports and automatic ordering to streamline your inventory process.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance – Ensure consistent organization, storage, tracking and documentation of your inventory.

Vending machines from 1sourcevend boast these features:

Real-Time Inventory Reporting
This proprietary vendor-managed inventory software provides companies with real-time inventory reporting to reduce unnecessary spend and employee downtime due to missing supplies.

Plug-and-Play Design
Vending machines are easy to setup, with a plug-and-play design. The machines use wi-fi, cellular network connectivity or hardwire, meaning you can put these machines anywhere.

Touchscreen Interface
A simple, yet powerful touchpad mirrors the items found in your vending machine.

There’s an Industrial Vending Solution for Almost Every Inventory Need

Regardless of the size and shape of inventory items, there’s a solution that can work for you. We offer coil machines, check-in/check-out locker machines and combination coil-locker machines to meet your specific business needs.

If you would like to learn more about how M&M Sales & Equipment can help improve your inventory management with vending, give us a call at your branch location.