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Introducing the New Left Hand Drill Kit from Drillco

Ever snap the head off of a bolt or screw? If you’ve ever had to remove a broken screw or back out part of a broken thread, you know that it can be rather difficult. You’ve probably tried the punch and hammer method, drilling and tapping or even tried an air hammer to do the job, but that may only work when it’s located in the perfect spot, and the moon and stars are aligned. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Every application is different, and it’s good to have options.

Some methods can leave you worse for wear, either by ruining the threads or mushrooming out the top of the fastener. That’s why many people find left hand drill bits to work better and faster than alternatives such as easy-outs that often snap off and leave a bigger problem behind. Why not use a regular drill bit? You’ve probably noticed that if you were to use a regular drill bit in a clockwise direction, you would actually tighten the screw in further and blunt the drill bit. You certainly don’t want that.

How does a left hand drill bit work?

A left hand drill bit is a useful tool when trying to remove a broken screw or a bolt that has had the head sheared off. It works by biting into the broken fastener and pulling the screw out of the hole. For faster removal, you can use a center drill puncher to make a center mark before you get started. It creates an indentation so you can drill where you actually want to drill.

The New Left Hand Drill Kit from DRILLCO removes broken bolts, screws and other fasteners without an extractor. In the market for a left hand drill kit? Check out these exclusive features:

  • Cobalt Steel Material for excellent heat and wear resistance
  • 135° Split Point reduces walking and engages fasteners more easily
  • Bronze Surface Treatment for maximum lubricity and acts as protective layer
  • 3-Flat Shank for less slippage in drill chuck
  • Lightweight, compact rollup pouch for storage
  • Kit contains 11 of the most frequently used sizes

Left hand drill bits can save you serious time and money. If you’re interested in improving your productivity and profitability, contact us today. The pros at M&M Sales & Equipment are happy to help you find solutions to all your metal cutting needs.

Sandvik Coromant Spotlight: Improve Your Machine Shop’s Burden Rate

Are you accurately assessing your operational costs? Many production facilities try to roll equipment costs and operating costs into one overhead account and then attempt to apply it to the entire shop. At a minimum, two problems can come from that:

  • You could dramatically underprice your rates for some parts and never be able to cover the cost of production.
  • You could overprice and drive business straight out of those departments.

If you don’t accurately assess the true costs associated with each machine or each part, you’ll never get a full return on your investment, and that’s when your business suffers.

Take a look at your production costs. What does it cost per hour to run your equipment? What is your output rate per part? Your scrap rate? If you think your shop could run faster, leaner and more efficient, you’re probably right. That’s exactly where M&M Sales & Equipment shines. Not only do we have extensive product knowledge, but our staff are among the few in the industry that have real metal cutting-application experience. We know the cutting tools and supplies you need because we’ve been in your shoes.

We specialize in helping you overcome production challenges. Our customers know that they can come to us with questions and we’ll work to find solutions. Check out this example of a customer who needed help optimizing their cutting process:

Recently, a customer contacted M&M Sales & Equipment for a better and faster cutting solution. They were fabricating the same part, but from two different materials. One was stainless steel and the other low carbon steel. Their challenge was making the same hole in the center of the bar and wanted to use one drill for both materials for faster production.

One of our knowledgeable representatives went out to the facility to observe the process and offered a solution. Not only that, they tested that solution and dialed it in for optimal performance.

That solution was the Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill ® 880.

Anyone can sell a product. It takes experience to sell a solution. That Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill 880 could cut both materials, but it didn’t end there. Not only could it effectively cut the stainless steel and the low carbon steel, it did so efficiently. The drill cut faster, more consistently and didn’t fail prematurely, which meant less downtime and more time savings.

When you look at your shop’s fixed cost of producing a part, so many dollars will be spent no matter how you slice it. That’s your labor and burden rate. The only way to produce that part at a lower cost is to produce it faster with less waste. We can help you spec out the right tools and supplies you need to process a part, minimize scrap and reduce wear on your machines, ultimately improving your burden and job completion rates.

If you’re looking to improve performance in your production facility or want to learn more about the top-rated tools we sell, contact us at any of our four M&M Sales & Equipment locations in West Texas today.

Sandvik Coromant Logo

Discover the Newest Sandvik Coromant Tools for 2019

Like you, we believe that a job well done requires reliability, experience and innovation.

It’s why we partner with industry leaders like Sandvik Coromant to ensure you get the quality and reliability you can only find in well-crafted tooling technology. Take a look at the latest cutting tools, solutions and updates from Sandvik Coromant, the leaders in tooling manufacturing. Questions? We are your West Texas experts on Sandvik Coromant. Give us a call today at 800-592-4516

General Turning

The newly updated CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning™ helps you optimize your tool path and secure maximum output. The software provides programming codes, correct grade, geometry selection, cutting data recommendations and supports profiling and facing for external turning, as well as longitudinal turning. Its easy-to-use, intuitive interface takes the guesswork out of maintaining a correct tool path, which means you get maximum tool life and process security without compromising productivity.

Sandvik Coromant Coroturn Prime Insert for Turning
Sandvik Coromant Prime insert for all-directional turning

The CoroTurn® Prime insert for all-directional turning is your solution for chip control in ductile materials. It’s ideal for use in finishing to semi-finishing operations in unstable set-ups or for machining slender components that require lower feed rates. The CoroTurn® Prime insert helps you achieve excellent chip evacuation and control in internal turning applications.

Parting and Grooving

Face grooving just got a whole lot more reliable. The CoroCut® QF has an innovative blade design that provides more material in the weakest cross-section for added strength and less mass in the front of the blade for enhanced stiffness.

Sandvik Coromant Corocut QF
Sandvik Coromant Corocut QF


The lightweight CoroMill® 390 is more compact and lighter than your conventional cutter. When paired with Silent Tools™ milling adapters, you get lightweight functionality, slender tooling, less vibration, better stability and good process security in tough and demanding operations.

Sandvik Coromant Lightweight Coromill 390
Sandvik Coromant Lightweight Coromill 390

When it comes to Sandvik Coromant’s new steel milling grades, the GC4330 and GC4340 are your best option for efficient steel milling. They offer substantially increased tool life and improved process security. The Inveio® technology employs a new substrate and improved post-treatment technology for high-quality and low-cost milling.

Sandvik Coromant Coromill 331
Sandvik Coromant Coromill 331

The CoroMill® 331 offers reliable grooving and parting off with its high-quality surfaces, superior metal removal rate and true 90° corners. Improved cutting edge means you get more life from your tools and more predictable machining.


A new generation of fine boring tools is here. The CoroBore® 825 has a short, fine boring head in aluminum that allows for reduced weight and distance between damper and cutting edge. The Silent Tools™ technology provides a damper dimensioned for every adaptor for max performance. It’s ideal for use in applications where vibration is a factor, especially when machining with long overhangs.

Sandvik Coromant Corobore 825
Sandvik Coromant Corobore 825

Tooling Systems

For maximum pull-out security for Weldon shanks, choose the CoroChuck® 930m with a mechanical locking solution. When both collet and chuck are locked, the cylindrical clamping capability prevents pull-out for increased productivity on all heavy-duty applications.

Sandvik Coromant Corochuck 930
Sandvik Coromant Corochuck 930

Digital Machining

Optimize your production processes with a connected machine that makes gaining insight to your workshop easy. Improve your machine data collection, get real-time shop floor status and manage historic insights through reports and closed loop handling with CoroPlus® MachiningInsights.  

Sandvik Coromant Coroplus MachiningInsights
Sandvik Coromant Coroplus MachiningInsights

Check out the latest update of CoroPlus® ToolGuide for reaming operations. The update makes tools and machining strategy selection for widening of holes simple. All you need to do is choose the operation you want, select the material and receive quick and accurate tool recommendations.

Create digital tool assemblies based on standardized data with the CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. Now you can have tool assemblies integrated directly into your digital machining environment and save directly to your computer for time savings and enhanced security in planning processes.

For more information on these and other cutting tools and accessories available through M&M Sales & Equipment, contact us or give us a call at 800-592-4516


CoroMill 745


The Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 745 is revolutionary milling cutter with double-sided, multi-edge inserts that have a positive cutting action.

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This insert concept reduces the number of inserts that must be kept on hand because each insert has 14 cutting edges. Cutter body and inserts combine for stable cutting, positive insert seating & reduced spindle loads to give a package that delivers performance & economy in one.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Edge concept with 14 cutting edges
  • Double-sided insert design, tilted for a positive cutting action
  • Thick and secure ground insert with strong and sharp edges for high precision and a secure cutting process
  • Precision-ground geometries designed to avoid workpiece frittering in cast iron
  • Clear insert marking (1-14) for easy indexing of the cutting edges
  • Secure tip seat with easy insert indexing

Click here for Product Brochure with Case Study

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