How Do I Choose the Right Saw Blade for My Project?

Jeremy KirkpatrickJun 6,2019

Every facility can improve productivity, profitability and safety with the proper tools. Cutting tools like saw blades are no different. Many of the saw blades on the market are manufactured with technology that allows them to cut faster and cleaner and stay sharper longer. Yet, it’s not always cut and

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Steady as it goes for Permian Basin rig counts

Steady as it Goes for Permian Basin Rig Counts

Jeremy KirkpatrickMay 16,2019

How Rig Counts Indicate Oil and Gas Economic Health Since 1944, Baker Hughes has been supplying data on rotary rig counts to give insight into the economic health of our energy industry. Beginning in 1975, the company started providing monthly international rig counts, which offers a more in-depth look into

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Guhring SelectMill

New Product: Guhring SelectMill for Optimal Price and Efficiency

Jeremy KirkpatrickMay 8,2019
Product Information

SelectMill is a new program of German-made carbide end mills ideal for the customer looking for a high-quality and low-cost option.

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See Dormer Pramet Metal Cutting Tools in Action (Video)

Jeremy KirkpatrickApr 18,2019

At M&M Sales and Equipment, we’re always on the hunt for innovative products that can save our customers time and money. Dormer Pramet is one of the oldest specialist manufacturers of engineered cutting tools. Dormer Pramet has been a game-changer when it comes to their selection of cost-effective metal cutting

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2019 Oil Forecast in West Texas: Boom Expected to Continue

Jeremy KirkpatrickMar 28,2019

West Texas is experiencing yet another comeback within the boom-bust oil industry. The revitalization is welcome to residents and businesses alike who hope activity continues to build on economic improvement through the region.   Just 10 years ago, West Texas was dubbed a “dead area” by many in the oil industry.

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Metabo Logo

Metabo: 2019 Grinder Madness – through April 30, 2019

Jeremy KirkpatrickMar 22,2019

From March 1-April 30, 2019, enjoy savings on Metabo German-made Safety 4 1/2″ Angle Grinders.

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Sandvik Coromant Logo

Discover the Newest Sandvik Coromant Tools for 2019

Jeremy KirkpatrickMar 8,2019
New Products,Product Information

Like you, we believe that a job well done requires reliability, experience and innovation. It’s why we partner with industry leaders like Sandvik Coromant to ensure you get the quality and reliability you can only find in well-crafted tooling technology. Take a look at the latest cutting tools, solutions and

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Hand Taps vs Machine Taps - What's the difference?

Hand Taps vs Machine Taps – Differences?

Jeremy KirkpatrickFeb 15,2018

A brief knowledge drop from our friends over at North America Tool Hand Tap and Machine Tap are terms that don’t always mean what you think! These are stale industry legacy terms. Originally meant to define a purpose, they can be misleading. They should not define a tap’s modern method of use. According to some

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Acme vs Trapezoidal Threads

Jeremy KirkpatrickOct 25,2017

A brief knowledge drop from our friends over at North America Tool Acme threads appeared sometime in the late 1800s as an improvement on the square thread form. Square threads were the first choice for motion transfer and heavy loads. But square threads were difficult to produce with available cutter

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Grinding Wheel Productivity

Jeremy KirkpatrickOct 19,2017

We posed the following question on social media last week and have John Thompson of Pferd to thank for a fantastic answer. “4-1/2, 5″, or 6″: What is your favorite size grinding and/or cutting wheel? Jumping from 4-1/2 to 5″ is an easy way to get more bang for your

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