Aerospace Alert: Run Longer and Cleaner with New TRIM® C390 Coolant

Jeremy KirkpatrickSep 19,2019
New Products,Product Information

The aerospace industry comes with strict requirements when it comes to the use of lubricants, and for good reason. We’re talking about lubricants used in machining components for expensive machinery, often carrying valuable cargo

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Save on Sandvik Coromant Cutter Bodies with Purchase of New Steel Milling Grades, Sept. 9-20

Jeremy KirkpatrickSep 5,2019
Product Information,Promotions

Manufacturers and fabricators know all too well the challenges of working with hard and abrasive steel, especially when working at high speeds or for extended periods of time.

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Is Pessimism Over Oil Well Productivity in West Texas Premature?

Jeremy KirkpatrickAug 20,2019

You may recall a recent post titled Steady as it Goes for Permian Basin Rig Counts where we shared April 2019 oil rig count data as supplied by Baker Hughes. We also asked the question, “Why has there been a slowdown in oil drilling?” and countered it was likely due

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Tariffs Give Cause for Concern in Texas Manufacturing

Jeremy KirkpatrickAug 15,2019

If you were to thumb through some accounts of how tariffs are impacting the Texas economy, many would point to continued expansion and growth. According to the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey for June of this year, it would appear that Texas factory activity continued to expand and the production index

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What’s Machine Downtime Really Costing You? (And How to Avoid It)

Jeremy KirkpatrickAug 8,2019

Manufacturers often spend a lot of time focused on machine uptime and not nearly enough time monitoring downtime. Uptime, otherwise known as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), is comprised of three important components:Quality, Availability and Performance, according to SensrTrx. When any of these three are disrupted for any reason, machine downtime

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How to Choose the Right Drill Bit for Your Application

Jeremy KirkpatrickJul 24,2019
Educational,Product Information

It’s important to choose drill bits that are optimized for the application. Otherwise, you’re likely to be replacing the bits and the tools too often. Not only that, but you risk damaging the workpiece and having to start over.

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SPI: Limited Time Offers! – through August 31, 2019

Jeremy KirkpatrickJul 18,2019

From July 1-August 31, 2019 SPI is offering limited-time pricing on: CO-AX Centering Indicators IP54 Digital Tire Tread Gage 3 Speed 20″ Pedestal Fan IP54 Digital Rotor Gage Mention SUMMER PROMO when ordering. Offer expires 8/31/19. Give us a call at your preferred branch location: Odessa: 800-592-4516 Lubbock: 806-765-8461 Amarillo: 806-351-1400 Ft. Worth: 682-841-1700

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U.S. and Texas Economic News Roundup

Jeremy KirkpatrickJul 9,2019

We think it’s important to stay up to speed on the news that impacts us all. It’s easy to get tied up in the daily grind and not notice what’s happening in the world around us. That’s why we check the headlines every day and when we come across interesting

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Introducing the New Left Hand Drill Kit from Drillco

Jeremy KirkpatrickJul 2,2019
Product Information

Ever snap the head off of a bolt or screw? If you’ve ever had to remove a broken screw or back out part of a broken thread, you know that it can be rather difficult. You’ve probably tried the punch and hammer method, drilling and tapping or even tried an

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Sandvik Coromant Spotlight: Improve Your Machine Shop’s Burden Rate

Jeff WesthoffJun 14,2019
Product Information

Are you accurately assessing your operational costs? Many production facilities try to roll equipment costs and operating costs into one overhead account and then attempt to apply it to the entire shop. At a minimum, two problems can come from that: You could dramatically underprice your rates for some parts

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