New Product Alert: Introducing the RF 100 5-Speed End Mill from Guhring

Introducing the RF 100 5-Speed End Mill from Guhring

New Product Alert: Introducing the RF 100 5-Speed End Mill from Guhring

For over a century, Guhring remains a world-class manufacturer of drills, end mills, taps, tool holders and other innovative cutting tools. Beyond their extensive experience, Guhring also produces their own carbide rod as the substrate material for all of their carbide end mills. It’s that commitment to excellence that makes M&M Sales & Equipment believe so strongly in their product lineup. It’s also why we jump at the chance to share their latest product releases with you.

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new product to the Guhring family of cutting tools. The RF 100 5-Speed end mill combines the versatility of a 4-flute tool with the feed rate benefits of a 5-flute tool. End mills are a versatile tool for making holes in workpieces and cutting materials in various directions. Now, Guhring takes process reliability to new levels. For high-performance roughing at high cutting depths as well as milling in a wide variety of tough materials, look no further than the RF 100 5-Speed.

The RF 100 solid carbide end mills from Guhring allow you to machine materials such as:

Guhring RF 100 5-Speed solid carbide end mills provide maximum feed rates for exceptional metal removal rates. They are constructed with:

  • 5 flutes for maximum metal removal
  • Large, wide flutes for outstanding chip evacuation
  • Stable cutting edge with corner radius and face correction providing double protection for longer tool life
  • 38° helix angle with unequal flute spacing for smooth cut and low-vibration machining
  • Nano-A™ wear-resistant coating for extended tool life
  • Dished center for efficient ramping and helical milling

No one knows better than Guhring that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cutting tool. For that reason, they developed four different series of the RF 100 5-Speed to meet your most challenging machining applications.

Choose from a comprehensive selection of varying lengths and corner radii:

  1. Series 6985: Short length
  2. Series 6986: Standard length
  3. Series 6987: Long length
  4. Series 6988: XL length

Watch the RF 100 5-Speed in action! Plus get a sneak peek at the 7-Speed!

Looking for more evidence that the RF 100 5-Speed does what it says it will? Guhring reports that an arms manufacturer was looking to improve tool life in a high-speed milling operation. So, Guhring’s RF 100 5-Speed solid carbide end mill was brought in to test against their ¾” high-performance 4-flute carbide end mill.

Running at a very similar surface feet per minute (SFM) but at a heavier feed rate, the 5-Flute speed end mill from Guhring was able to complete twice as many parts as the previous 4-flute end mill before needing to be reconditioned. The 5-Speed was able to run at a 9% higher metal removal rate, resulting in a 32% savings in cost per part. How’s that for proof of concept?

For more information on the new RF 100 5-Speed end mill from Guhring, check out their interactive catalog.

If you have questions about selecting the right end mills or other cutting tools for your operation in West Texas, we’re here to help. Just ask your local M&M Sales & Equipment representative or call one of our locations for information on end mills in Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Ft. Worth and surrounding areas.

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