Industrial Safety PPE Gear from Radians

Industrial Safety PPE Gear from Radians

Industrial Safety PPE Gear from Radians

Preventing injury on the job is not always easy. But it helps to be aware of the most common causes of worker injury.

  • Human error
  • Worker culture
  • Recklessness
  • Negligence
  • Lack of proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Miscommunication
  • Misuse of equipment

While we can’t control every situation or worker behavior, we can make a difference in how our workers are protected.

Occupational injuries and fatalities cost companies a whopping $170.8 billion in 2018 due to medical bills, workers compensation claims and legal fees (NSC). That doesn’t take into account the devastation it causes American workers and their families.

Did you know that in addition to cutting tools and supplies, we sell safety gear like eye protection, eyewash stations, earplugs and hand protection?

We’re proud to carry a wide selection of worker safety gear from Radians. Radians is the industry leader in PPE and worker safety solutions and is always coming up with innovative products that solve our biggest safety concerns. To help our customers work safely and more productively, we thought we would share a few examples of the Radians safety gear we have on hand and ready for you.

If you would like assistance on selecting the right safety equipment and cutting tools for your needs, reach out to your local M&M Sales & Equipment rep or call 800-592-4516.

M&M Sales & Equipment Proudly Carries Radians Safety Gear

Rad-Sequel™ and Rad-Sequel™ IQ
These lightweight frames combined with polycarbonate lenses are ideal eye protection options and provide non-slip coverage in a variety of applications. Need anti-fog assistance? Choose the Rad-Sequel IQ for reliable visibility in any condition.

Rad-Sequel™ and Rad-Sequel™ IQ

Emergency Eyewash Tanks
No existing plumbing but need to provide an emergency eye wash station? The VisionAid 16-gallon gravity-fed eyewash station from Radians provides a continuous stream of eyewash and meets ANSI Z358.1.

Emergency Eyewash Tanks

Learn more about the Radians products we carry. Talk to your local M&M Sales & Equipment rep today! If you have questions about selecting the right safety gear or cutting tools for your operation in West Texas, we’re here to help. Just ask your local M&M Sales & Equipment representative or call one of our locations in Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Ft. Worth and surrounding areas.

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