From Humble Beginnings Come Greatness: The FEIN Tools Story

From Humble Beginnings Come Greatness: The FEIN Tools Story

From Humble Beginnings Come Greatness: The FEIN Tools Story

FEIN Tools began their story in 1867 when their founder Wilhelm Fein released a telephone with a horseshoe magnet just months after Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone. Fein’s improved telecommunication remained the standard for many years to follow. Fein spent the next several years building and installing telegraphs, telephones and fire alarms throughout businesses, even receiving a patent for improved telephone transmission quality.

Source: FEIN Tools

Then, in 1895, some innovative and daring employees combined a hand-operated drill with leftover small electric motors and introduced the world’s first electric power tool. From the first handheld sanding motors and electric pneumatic hammers to today’s state-of-the art magnetic drills and annular cutters, FEIN remains the industry standard for metalworking professionals worldwide.

Source: FEIN Tools

FEIN Tools can be seen hard at work in a variety in industries including metal working, wood working and automotive work. Fein offers a full product range that includes:

  • Drilling
  • Belt grinding
  • Fastening
  • Cutting, sawing, beveling and milling
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Oscillating tools and multi-tools
  • Magnetic base drilling
  • Wet/dry dust extraction
  • Stainless steel processing

If you would like assistance on selecting the right cutting tools for your needs, reach out to your local M&M Sales & Equipment rep or call 800-592-4516.

We’re proud to offer the full line of FEIN Tools, but we want to tell you more about their selection of magnetic base drills and annular cutters.

FEIN Magnetic Base Drills

Fein Tools manufactures products for faster and more cost-effective metal drilling in just about every application. Whether you require a mobile magnetic drill solution that offers maximum flexibility and versatility, a compact magnetic drill solution that helps you get the job done in difficult-to-reach areas, or you’re looking for a magnetic drill solution that offers the best service life and performance possible – FEIN Tools has what you’re looking for.

Check out the Slugger by FEIN Holemaker III Magnetic Base Drill in action!

FEIN Annular Cutters

FEIN Tools manufactures a broad selection of annular cutters ideal for core drilling through steel and has various Carbide and HSS options. No matter the cutting quality, cutter holder, cutting depth, shank size or bore diameter, there’s an annular cutter right for your needs.

Check out these FEIN annular cutters for magnetic base drills.

We are proud to carry a variety of FEIN magnetic drills, annular cutters and other tools designed to help you work smarter and more profitably. In addition to their world-class tools and accessories, FEIN Tools offers a 3-Year FEIN Plus Warranty at no charge when you purchase their products. All you need to do is register your tool with FEIN Tools.

Ask us how FEIN Tools can go to work for you.  If you have questions about selecting the right cutting tools for your operation in West Texas, we’re here to help. Contact your local M&M Sales & Equipment representative to learn more. Just call one of our locations in Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Ft. Worth and surrounding areas.

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