8 Steps to Prepare Your Sump for a Temporary Shutdown

8 Steps to Prepare Your Sump for a Temporary Shutdown

8 Steps to Prepare Your Sump for a Temporary Shutdown

During challenging times like these, we are committed to bringing you helpful advice and solutions that not only protect your business, but your investments, as well.

We know that shutdowns are a real possibility. Inadequate preparation of pumps and sumps can lead to major catastrophes when left unchecked. Machine operators should be mindful of three factors that can have an impact on sump health: coolant concentration, pH and reserve alkalinity. But it doesn’t stop there. Take a look at these expert tips from Master Fluid Solutions on how to prepare your sump for a temporary shutdown for a quick and smooth re-opening.

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Step 1: It’s critical that the systems be in as good shape as possible when they are shut down. Concentration, pH, reserve alkalinity and other factors should be in the specified range.

Step 2: Remove the tramp oil from the sump. Tramp oil is both food and shelter for bacteria, which is the main cause of the rancid smell that can come from the coolant.

Step 3: Clean out chips and sludge from the sump. Chips and sludge are also food and shelter for bacteria. A Sump Sucker will make this job quick and easy.

Step 4: Bump up the concentration. This adds a little more pH buffering to the sump, which helps to prevent bacteria. Our recommendation is to bump up the concentration to the maximum recommended operating range for the product being used. If adds are needed for alkalinity, pH, or other factors, add them a day or so before the system is shut down.

Step 5: Make arrangements for whatever sampling you want to be completed and communicate the results before the shutdown occurs.

Step 6: If possible, recirculate the coolant in the sump during the shutdown. In many cases, maintenance staff may be present. Have them turn on the coolant pumps to recirculate the volume of the sump several times over.

Step 7: If you are going to run a centrifuge over the shutdown, make sure you have sufficient tramp oil and waste capacity.

Step 8: Make sure you have an adequate supply of coolant as well as cleaners such as Master STAGES™ Whamex XT™ and Master STAGES™ Task2™ GF to help keep your systems running smoothly and to prevent any issues when you resume normal operation.

M&M Sales & Equipment has the Master Fluid Solution products you need to keep your operations running smoothly. For other questions on how you can improve operations and increase profitability in your business, please call one of our four Texas locations.

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